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Our Mission is to provide top quality medicine grown to the highest standards and to deliver it to millions of cannabis patients discretely, reliably and timely. Quickly becoming the number one Medical Cannabis Los Angeles Delivery Service in California.


Litt™  is committed to naturally grown medicine without any harsh chemicals across all the different product lines.

Flowers are all naturally grown through a biologically cultivated process.

Edibles are made with 100% organic extraction process. A clean healthy alternative to combustible consumption methods.

Concentrates have no Petroleum Based Solvents or Polyethylene glycol. Litt™  concentrates are made with a 100% organic medicine and a safe clean CO2 closed loop system that vacuums at low temperature to preserve the integrity of the oil and terpenes


Our team is purpose driven, we take care and pay attention to all the Litt-le details along the way; we can’t wait to share the Litt™  experience and we welcome you to the Litt™  family.

Medical Cannabis Los Angeles Delivery Service . This is medicine; this is life – soak it up…GET Litt™ today.


Litt™  “California dreamed” about a product line that would be aromatic, potent, consistent, and highly enjoyable while also being safe to consume. Our goal is to infuse the California lifestyle into all our products.

Litt Medical Cannabis Los Angeles Delivery Service California still has the largest legal cannabis market in the U.S., at $1.3 billion



Clean Natural Cultivation is the backbone of Litt™. The goal is to grow cannabis organically through a hydroponic system that is exclusively cultivated for medicinal purposes. Our responsible cultivation process tastes significantly better and provides a stronger high with exceptional healing effects. Most cannabis is grown with added chemical nutrients; Litt™  natural cannabis is cultivated using biologically available sources only. The result of this process is a smoother tastier medicine.

Medical Cannabis delivered right to your door!

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